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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  July 27, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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he operates his business at 17 and "u." he owns a cafe. workers were doing some work on a water main this morning. things seemed to be going well. sometime around 3:00, 3:30, his water pressure began to drop. shortly thereafter he heard something and went outside and saw the gushing water. he said he talked to one of the workers. something happened to a 20-inch main. at this point we are told no businesses have been evacuated. we are told no homes have been evacuated as well but we are told some businesses are going to have to shut down for several hours because water has been shut down. i have not talked to homeowners, but for right now traffic is a mess as it has been in the last few days. 18th and "u," 17th and "u," 16th
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and "u" as workers try to clean it up. i do see water gushing up again at 17th and florida. i will go see if i can find out more. we will pass it along to you. for now, live in northwest d.c., craig melvin, news 4. >> that is such a busy intersection. it is right there at the foot of adams morgan. to our other top story. 48 hours later and thousands of people still without power. >> from the cleanup to the commute. news 4 is tracking the aftermath of sunday's severe storm. let's get you caught up on the numbers right now. 112,000 people in the area are still in the dark. at least 150 intersections still have nonworking traffic signals. pepco says it hopes to restore everyone's power in the next few days. there is a special hotline for people to call to find out how long it will be before the power
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is back on. >> we have team coverage of the widespread outages. how drivers are navigating through the downed power lines and dark intersections. we begin with julie carey. >> residents here are among the lucky ones. this utility crew from pennsylvania rolled in and started work on repairs. there is some hope that the electricity and the action c may be turned on on this block yet tonight. customers in montgomery, still most affected by the outages, 90,000 people in montgomery county people without power, 16,000 in prince georges and 5,600 in the district of columbia. many residents are getting impatient. when your house has been dark for two days and a mess like this on your street, seeing the utility crews a most welcome sight.
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>> when i see them, i feel better. >> reporter: on cushing street, it is a pennsylvania company on the scene to repair mangled lines and restore electricity. among the 399 crews called in from pepco. officials defended their response saying they began calling in reinforcements within an hour after the storm hit. with 1600 lines down it is challenging work. >> we believe service will be restored to the vast number of our customers by thuz. there will be some customers in smaller pockets that will go beyond that. >> these kensington residents hope power will be restored tonight, alice is getting weary. >> i thought they would fix it
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before. but it's been too long and we don't know when they are going to fix it. when we are going to have electricity. >> reporter: frustration runs higher in this capital heights neighborhood where many elderly live. residents say after initially being told pepco might come out today it might not be until thursday. >> we are outraged because something should be done. we have too many emergency, life-threatening emergencies. whenever i call pepco. they ask if it is a life-threatening emergency. this is a life-threatening emergency. >> reporter: that neighborhood and others can get a better fix on repairs in their area. pepco wants residents to call 1-877-pepco 62. they will be able to give an
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estimate of when repairs will be made. we will talk to a woman at 6:00 who is caring for an elderly woman who is paralyzed in the midst of this without electricity or air conditioning. back to you now. >> julie, thank you. pat? >> firefighters across montgomery county have been busy responding to downed power lines. wires actually sparked fires near glenn allen and georgia avenue in silver spring. no reports of any significant damage. it has been another challenging commute for thousands of drivers on montgomery county roads. dozens of traffic signals are dark for the second day. john shriffen has more. >> reporter: slow down, if you approach an intersection with the light out treat it as a four way stop.
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this intersection is busy. on the corner of connecticut and noles avenue. montgomery county police officers are here directing traffic. the problem is there are so many intersections in montgomery county with the lights off there aren't enough police to go around. tonight they called in the backup. >> come on. let's go. >> with the traffic lights out in bethesda, it is up to roseanne teter to take control of this intersection. she is usually a crossing card and on vacation. she has been called in and her whistle is working overtime. what do you think is the toughest part of your job? >> getting people to look at you when you are telling them to stop. get off their phones. >> reporter: montgomery county has called in an extra 160
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school crossing guards to work along sitd police around the county. there are plenty of lights still out. at one point over 120 intersections of the county were dark. >> this one is almost unprecedented. we didn't have this many out during the recent snowstorms. this is a new challenge but we're doing what we can. >> reporter: the drivers we talked to say it is dangerous on the roads because police can't be everywhere. >> the driver never stops. it should be a four-way stop but they keep on going. >> people are not watching. they are on their cell phones. texting and i believe that there should be more police on the biggest intersections. >> reporter: drivers we talked to are frustrated because of the longer than usual commute times caused by the downed traffic lights. dr. allen barons is trying to stay positive saying sitting in traffic is better than the
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alternative. >> i have learned as you get older frustration is part of living. i would rather have it that way than people causing accidents. >> reporter: now i just got word from montgomery county. the first time today the number of downed intersections has dipped below 100. these lights are slowly coming on as the hours progress. it is expected to be a problem into tonight and tomorrow morning's commute. drivers are asked to continue to have patience. back to you in the studio. >> thaks, john. time sitting in traffic wasn't the only thing wasted. several grocery stores lost electricity and didn't have generators. this safety on connecticut avenue was without power for more than 36 hours. that meant everything perishable that you see right there had to go. >> wow.
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throw out a lot. there is no threat of severe storms today, thankfully, but there is a chance of scattered showers tomorrow. >> we've got 80s in the lower corner on the screen. what is happening now? >> we are in the 80s. another day under the 90-degree mark. i'm going to have to look at the calendar to see when we had back-to-back days in the 80s. the temperature in landover, prince george's county 85, falls church 84 in fairfax county. montgomery county, gaithersburg, 86. down south 84 in quantico. that water vapor indication of the amount of moisture in the air between 60 and 65 degrees. slightly humid. tomorrow between 65 and 69. it is going to be sticky with more humidity. higher temperatures and much
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more heat and humidity to deal with tomorrow. the storms tonight, there is your good night wakeup forecast. now to the federal investigation into what caused last summer's deadly metro collision. the ntsb blames a faulty signal circuit but a problem that began way before the crash. we have the latest on the findings. chris? >> reporter: metro was on a collision course long before last year's fatal crash according to the ntsb chair woman. she says the crash last june was caused not only by equipment failure but a breakdown on safety at all levels. a track circuit failure caused the fatal crash, but the athemmic safety culture is to
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blame. tragedy struck when the two trains collided june 22, 2009, killing nine people including the operator of train 112 who was proceeding in the automatic train control mode which is supposed to keep trains spaced safely apart. >> essentially the track circuitry failed. it stopped detecting the presence of a train approaching fort togetheren station causing that train to stop short of the station. consequently, the control system transmitted speed commands to the following train essentially telling the following train that the track was clear ahead when, in fact, it was not. it was only when the train came through a curve and the operator saw the stopped train ahead, but it was too late. >> reporter: the crash investigation reveals metro was having 3,000 track circuit
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events a day. a maintenance crew worked on the track circuits where the fatal accident occurred on june 17, five days before the accident but the signals were not working properly. >> if proper procedures were followed or when the track circuit was tested, the work crews could have determined the track circuit 304 was failing to detect trains and actions could have been taken to resolve the problem and prevent the accident. >> reporter: family members of some of the crash victims found it hard to hear metro ignored safety alarms and this crash could have been avoided. kenneth hawkins speaks for some of the families. his brother dennis was killed in the crash. >> who is going to hold him accountable? >> reporter: the ntsb used some
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tough talk criticizing metro's lack of a safety culture. but in the end it said it is not trying to indict any individual and it wants to see metro succeed. that is the latest from the ntsb headquarters. back to you in the studio. >> chris gordon. thank you, chris. a denny's workers admits to sabotaging his co-workers. what he did that landed him in handcuffs. >> news 4 at 5:00 is just getting started. coming up, crimes connected. a local man is indiagnosticed for two separate mother/daughter murders. sidelined by health code violations, the new report that may make you think twice before grabbing a bite to eat at the verizon center. plus how your family and friends can help determine how long you live.
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a fast forward through the headlines. 112,000 people are without electricity. pepco is working to restore everyone's electricity by thursday. individual customers can get an estimate of restoration times by calling 1-877-pepco-62. dozens of traffic signals in montgomery county are out. that means's challenging commute for tens of thousands of drivers. police are urging drivers to treat dark intersections as four-way stops. federal officials have reached their conclusions about last summer's deadly metro cash. the ntsb blames a technical failure and safety management failure within metro. nine people were killed and dozens injured in that crash last june. veronica joins us with her
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handy dandy calendar for july. >> the last time we had back-to-back 80s, july 12th and 13th before our 12 day heatwave. we had back-to-back 80s yesterday and today. kind of unusual. out there today, we have cloud cover. we are not getting thunderstorms right now. that is going to change come tomorrow. storms across the area. let's look at the current conditions. 86 the temperature. the heat index, what it feels like at 88 and the wind out of the southwest at nine miles her pour right now. meanwhile, our skies are partly sunny. by tomorrow morning, 74 to 75 degrees across the area. again it is during the afternoon we could have some storms firing. today's storms down south, roanoke, richmond and a few jumping in around the northern neck. more widespread storms tomorrow as the weather system gets closer. the heat in the nation's
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midsection, 90s for temperatures. 86 in wilmington, 82 in atlanta, georgia. that is because of a low pressure system hanging down there. meanwhile there is a weather front on the other side of omaha. we will be cooling down after this system moves through. it is expected to move through thursday. the other thing is once it does move through we are not expecting high heat. we will see the dip in the jet stream in the mid atlantic states. temperatures in the upper 80s. the next 48 hours, partly cloudy, slightly humid, 86 to 78 degrees, cooling off. sunset 8:24 tomorrow morning. a few clouds in the sky. a humid start. between 69 and 74 degrees. so tomorrow i do think it will
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be one of our first days this week above 90 degrees. a 50% chance of afternoon thunderstorms and a 60% chance of storms for thursday. friday on the other side of that system, less humid air. know tomorrow and thursday we could have some storms coming through the area that will produce downpours as well as high winds. not widespread but some. >> thanks, veronica. a grand jury in prince george's county indicted a man in connection with murders of a mother and daughter from largo. pat collins has more. pat? >> reporter: jim, now we know his name. now we know what he looks like. now we can talk about the murders he's accused of committing. 27-year-old jason scott indicted today on two counts of first-degree murder in the
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mother/daughter deaths of dolores and eboni dewitt, killed in march 2009 at their home in largo, their bodies later found in a burned up stolen car. rosa smith is the mother of dolores. the grandmother of eboni. >> my family can heal now. they can move on knowing that he is off the streets and that they feel better. my family, my immediate family feels better. >> reporter: the indictment today brought a sense of peace to cedar hollow lane. hear from a neighbor who asked not to be identified. >> well, i'm glad that they got him, hopefully they can convict him and we can rest easy in the neighborhood. >> i do think the community was stunned by this double murder, especially people who lived in that -- who live in that community. there are a lot of law-abiding long time residents there.
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i think it caught us all off guard. >> scott lived here, less than a mile from the dewitt home. a neighbor says his problems go back to an early age and appear to have escalated. >> something went wrong. it can't be the neighborhood. it can't be his parents. the guy is very smart. something in his teen years brought him to this situation. >> reporter: scott worked at ups in landover. sources say he had access to customer databases and used that information to help target his victims. sources say that scott is currently under investigation in connection with three other murder cases including the shooting death of karen and karissa lofton. another mother, another daughter, they, too, lived in largo. prince george's county police chief says there is overwhelming evidence that scott is a serial
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killer. the chief says he believes there are more crimes, more murders, more to be known about jason scott. jim, back to you. >> all right. pat collins, thank you. under fire. find out who investigators think leaked thousands of secret military war documents to the media. bp is hoping to repair its tarnished image with a new ceo. see who has been tapped to take over. and enzo to the rescue. how this bulldog helped save his look inside a more than
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innovation today and creating jobs and opportunities now. we invest because we know the internet works. it's working for our children, our families, our economy and our future. and if there were ever a time to stick with what works, now is it. the future has always been our business. and the future begins now.
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today president obama said he is concerned about the massive leak of sensitive information on the afghanistan war. but the papers did not reveal
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any issues that weren't already part of the war debate. the documents were published sunday on the wikileaks website. the pentagon has launched a full scale criminal investigation to track down the source of the leak. one department spokesman said the prime suspect is a 22-year-old army private already facing charges for leaking other classified information. the american selected to lead bp says the company will remain committed to the gulf even after the busted well is finally sealed. bod dudley will replace ceo tony hayward october 1st. the first american to lead the oil giant. today dudley said the oil disaster was a wakeup call not only for bp but the entire industry. the oil spill is battling nor than the coastline. bp reported a record lost of $17 billion in second quarter earnings. drama at debbie's. tainted drinks served to workers
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at the restaurant. investigators say this was no accident. it is a list no one wants to be on. 100% of the vendors in the verizon center are cited with health code violations. cleaning up damage from this week's storm.
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i'm from the gulf coast. my family spends a lot of time here. i have a personal interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan.
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i'm in charge of bp's clean up on the gulf coast. bp's taken full responsibility for the clean up, and that includes keeping you informed. over 25,000 people are included in the clean up operation. our crews are cleaning the gulf beaches 24/7. we're going to be here as long as it takes to make this right. welcome back. veronica johnson here. not much of a breeze. if you are going to be sitting in the stadium for some baseball this evening nice conditions as today is one of the cooler days out of the work week with our heat expected to peak on wednesday and thursday. 82 degrees. first pitch at 7:05. we take on the atlanta braves. it is going to be warm and a bit humid. 80 by 9:00 p.m., slightly humid. tomorrow morning, 74 with a humid start.
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91 in the afternoon and a chance of storms. better chance on thursday. pepco says it is working round the clock to restore power to most customers by thursday. the majority of outages remain in montgomery county where 90,000 people are without power. in prince george's county 15,000 customers without power. in the district 5,500 outages. customers can call a hotline. that number is 1-877-pepco-62. a denny's employee is behind bars tonight as co-workers accuse him of pouring bleach into their drinks. this all happened at the spotsylvania restaurant. jane watrel has our report. >> reporter: in a restaurant famous for grand slam breakfast two employees of this denny's were sipping drink on monday
5:33 pm
that had an ingredient not found on the menu. >> both of them at different times came back to the waiter station for their soft drink, one had a soft drink, one had a cup of coffee, as they tasted it, your nose is close proximity to the mouth. they could smell and taste bleach. >> reporter: under arrest is jermaine johnson of fredericksburg. authorities say he is the restaurant's cook. at first he claimed he was only cleaning around the waiter station not tampering with drinks. >> he had no business being there. he was a cook. >> reporter: authorities say after the suspect read his rights he confessed to putting a cleaning solvent into the employees' drinks. johnson never explained why he put the cleaning solvent in the drinks. he is chashlged with a class 3 felony. >> thank goodness no one was seriously hurt.
5:34 pm
everybody is okay. they were checked out by medical personnel and no serious or permanent injury. >> reporter: a spokes woman for the denny's restaurant had no comment. >> johnson is being held without bond tonight. two people are behind bars in oakland, california, accused of killing a fairfax county man. this surveillance video helped nab the suspect. the victim was in oakland for a job interview with google earlier this month. he leaves behind a wife and three children. fire officials say one prince george's county family had not one but two things that helped them escape a house fuhr. >> one was a smoke alarm. the other was enzo. an old english bulldog who lives with his family in upper marlbo marlboro. his barking woke everybody up when a blaze broke out moments
5:35 pm
before the smoke alarms went off. there were no serious injuries. an electrical problem sparked the fire. >> great to have an enzo around the house. what are consumers complaining about most and what steps should you take before filing an insurance claim. why store receipts may pose a hazard to our health. liz crenshaw is here to explain. >> we begin with damage from the storm. if you plan on filing a insurance claim take notes. these steps before you file. first, you have to document the problem. it wants you to take photos or video without putting yourself at risk and write down details such as the time you notice or damage. you want to check for secondary damage, a tree that damaged your
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roof or window, did it graze a window or hit lawn furniture. it is important to start the claims process as quickly as you can. make sure you check the deductible on your insurance policy and if you can, make any temporary repairs that could prevent further damage without putting yourself at risk. finally have patience and follow your insurer's advice. ever wonder what people are complaining about. a top list of consumer complaints. you are not alone if you found yourself frustrated. auto complaints at the top of the list for 2009. more specifically, misrepresentation in advertising or sales of cars and faulty repairs. number two credit and debit billing and fee disputes. followed by home improvement and construction complaints then utility complaints came next,
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billing disputes with phone, cable, satellite. rounding out the top five retail sales. the fastest growing complaint bogus offers to help consumers to save your home from foreclosure. you might want to think twice before graping a receipt. high levels of bpa on the receipts. a plastic hardener often found in plastic and canned goods has been linked to a long list of health problems the environmental working group found the chemical on 40% of the receipts it tested safeway, cvs, whole foods and mcdonald's. the chemical can rub off on your hands from the receipt. ewg reports retail workers carry an average of 30% more bpa in their bodies than other adults.
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retail stores that do not use bpa, target, starbucks, bank of america atm. you put the receipt in your wallet and you put the receipt next to your strawberries. so we need to carry plastic baggies to the store and wear gloves. >> seal up your receipt. >> and i'm not talking about the handles on the cart. another reason to stay connected to family and friends. why researchers say it could add years to your life. people here are burning herbs on their heads to keep cool. yep. you heard that right. it is a story that has people saying what? you're watching news 4 at 5:00.
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she was fit inform to fly but forced off of a southwest plane. people near tokyo are trying to beat the heat with fire. and a woman in egypt gave birs to sex up the lets without the help of any fertility drugs at all. all stories that make you say, what? a southwest airlines passenger got the boot because a teenager sitting next to her was too big for one seat. the 110-pound woman was flying. after she paid full price for a ticket she was asked to get off the plane. she told a sacramento newspaper it was unfair since the teen only bought a ticket for one seat. a southwest spokesperson said this situation could have been handled a little bit better. this group found an unusual way to beat the heat. several hundred people gathered at a temp in tokyo to burn
5:43 pm
medicinal herbs on their head. it is believed the heed at the herbs improve people's health by stimulating circulation. so there. >>. >> you can't blame this on any special herbs or fertility drugs. a woman in cairo gave birth to sex up the lets, all conceived naturally, four girls, two boys. multiple births are common because of fertility treatments. the doctors say this was not the case in this pregnancy. the woman has a daughter who is six. she has a great big growing family. >> it is the stuff you don't see and probably never wanted to know. espn goes behind the scenes of america's sports stadiums, uncovering mouse droppings at several vendors in the verizon center. lindsay sits down with brian orakpo to discuss the changes in
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welcome back. veronica johnson, on the cool side, clouds across the area. coming off our last heatwave, stifling heat has claimed 17 lives in maryland, nine in virginia and one in washington, d.c. usually takes a couple of weeks to assess the numbers. nothing like high heat when it comes to weather. it claims more lives than tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and lightning combined a year. 86 in la plata. clouds in the area, showers south. forecast tomorrow morning, overnight partly cloudy. storms we could have tomorrow
5:47 pm
afternoon. jim? ever wonder just how safe you are ordering from a spornts venue? espn is out with a report card of violations. the verizon center flunked big time. the highest percentage of any arena in the country in violations. from the caps to concerts and wizards games, the vendors who serve up fanfare are under fire. espn is out with inspection reports from major league baseball, basketball, hockey venues and verizon gets a failing grade. a full 100% of vendors with critical health violations. >> they should clean it up. >> reporter: at least ten vendors inspectors found mice droppings. >> gross. disgusting. i guess i won't be eating there anymore. >> the scary thing is how much
5:48 pm
they charge for the food, too. it is four times what it would cost you to go anywhere else. >> it doesn't make me less likely to eat there, for me in particular. >> reporter: the man at the top, caps and wizards owner released a statement that reads in part i was surprised and disappointed. i will get involved in the process and solutions. we are on it. we've already started. we will move on this issue to one appears shocking to one that is a source of pride. i promise. so how did the other venues in our region fare? fedex field, 36% of vendors had critical health violations. at nationals park 25% of vendors. again down at verizon those restaurants are inside the arena. the restaurants outside the arena are not in question. up the road oriole park at camden yards fared the best with
5:49 pm
9% of vendors with violations. the start of training camp is two days away now. at that time team members will turn their attention exclusively to the field. today quarterback donovan mcnabb took a few hours to focus on his life off the field. he was at a borders bookstore on k street to sign copies of "nfl dads dedicated to daughters." he has four children. mcnabb today talked about his goals for the upcoming training camp saying he was looking forward to the training kampb and lead the younger guys on the field. >> keeping with the redskins theme, we have more on brian orakpo's plans. >> we are talking about orakpo. as a rookie, he was the only redskin to make the pro bowl after racking up a team high 11
5:50 pm
sacks. this season orakpo could be more potent in a new defensive scheme. talked about his love for the game and love for sushi in the latest installment of "lunch with lindsay." what do you normally get? >> california, obviously. >> that is your go to? >> that is the generic. >> that is the wimpy sushi. that is what that is. that is the one that has no real raw fish in it. you used to go to sushi every thursday night with your now fiance when at texas. right? >> yeah. we used to eat pregame, before the game ritual type deal. like a date night. i had to. >> it became superstitious. >> i'm not a big superstitious guy, but why not. i liked it so much so we kept going every thursday.
5:51 pm
>> how different is it for you this time getting ready to start this season now you have the rookie situation in the past? >> i feel like a veteran already. it is crazy. i mean, this is crazy to see what the rookies are going through now or what i went through trying to prepare ourselves for the season and the long haul of it. that is the one thing i noticed how long the season. you have to prepare yourself menially and physically. it is a grind but it is a fun adventure to go through. >> your baby boy, brian orakpo junior, is two weeks old. >> yeah. i know. >> how much has your life changed. >> it changed. i no longer can leave the house and go hang out with the guys all the time. i got a son to worry about. but i mean, i love it. fatherhood is great. i'm having a good time so far. ain't sleeping well at nights right now, but it is going to
5:52 pm
get better. >> any time a team goes through a regime change you know there is a fresh start. you have mike shanahan in there, they are retooling the defense, switching things around. >> yeah. >> what is the most exciting part for you? >> everybody is here working. everybody is really putting their egos aside and really here to win, you know. because we went through it to where we went through that losing season and it was tough on everybody. now i see that guys are here in the off-season when they don't have to be. >> yeah. >> everybody got off season homes somewhere else. everybody here is working, leaving the families and we leave on the weekends and come back on monday and get it going again ch. >> i understand it is more of a who is going to be the big shot mentality out there around the park these days. do you see that? there has been a lot more competition instilled and
5:53 pm
shanahan has made it guys want to play to prove they are the best. >> exactly. that is what is going on. it is fun to have that feeling where nobody is comfortable right now. that is how it is supposed to be. >> brian orakpo playing in a three-four defense that a lot of times means it is easier for the outside linebackers which is what he is going to play to rack up more sacks than the 11 as a rookie. >> future looks bright. coming up next, the benefits of being social. >> why researchers say having a strong bond to f [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a calendar that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc. for the achiever in us all. ♪
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ready for the secret to a longer life. it may be in the company we
5:57 pm
keep. >> research into relationships and longevity. >> reporter: girlfriends, guy friends, new friends and old ones, a new study suggests these social connections may actually help you live a longer life. researchers looked at 150 studies on human interactions, having friends, neighbors family and co-workers increases our survival odds by at least half. social isolation was found to be as risky to your help, smoking, not exercising, obesity. >> reporter: the basic need to be together helps release endorphins. >> volunteering. being involved in a religious group and outreach to people. we know those make people feel better. >> reporter: there is a caveat, having hundreds of friends on
5:58 pm
facebook doesn't count. >> that's not real connection. real connection is getting up from that computer, getting out, finding something else that's going to be a part of your life. >> reporter: and possibly a longer life if you don't go through it alone. erica edwards, nbc news. >> this research doesn't take into account the quality of relationships. researchers say the benefits may be better with closer relationships. >> the quality of facebook. facebook doesn't count. >> everybody needs a little love. >> yeah. >> that is going to do it for news 4 at 5:00. thanks for watching. >> news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. the investigation into the deadliest crash in metro's history reveals a failure in safety management. the grand jury indicted a man police call a methodical
5:59 pm
serial killer. a water main break shuts down part of a busy d.c. hot spot. we begin with hundreds of thousands of people enduring their third day without power. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. here is the latest on the recovery efforts. pepco is dealing with the brunt of the power outages. in montgomery county 92,000 customers without power. in prince george's county 16,000 remain in the district 5,500. more than 450 power crews, some from as far away as ohio are working around the clock to restore the power. julie carey joins us from kensington. >> reporter: pepco is making steady progress. originally about 301,000 customers without power. that number is edging close to 110,000. the folks


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